Citizen or Servant, Employment or Slavery

As we watch the entire developed world slowly slip back into the dark ages, it amazes me how accepting we are in the face of the real facts in front of us. To me, the historical point will be the Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United case.  The main element of that winning argument was that corporations ARE people.

While I certainly do not buy that premise, the court has ruled it so.  OK, if corporations are people then somebody please explain this. New Treasury monthly budget came out yesterday.  Here’s the latest data off Table 3 that states …

Individual Incomes Taxes paid Current fiscal year to date:  $177.066 billion

Corporate Incomes Taxes paid Current fiscal year to date:  $    4.838 billion come those corporate PEOPLE get to pay only 1/40 of the taxes that HUMAN people pay? As we watch these CONgress clowns discuss the “fiscal cliff”, how come we have such support for one class of “PEOPLE” over another class of PEOPLE.  We all know the answer to that question as well.

sold out congress

What is missing that we don’t understand these obvious facts and are united in our demand for equal treatment under the law?  I believe the real answer to that question is related to another interesting fact.  In 1960, 50 corporations owned 90% of the media outlets in our country (newspapers, radio stations, and television stations).  Today, only 6 corporations own 90% of those same media outlets, and they are working with the FCC to try and control all of the media outlets in each market.  That means a FOX or Disney conglomerate would own all of the newspapers, radio stations, and TV in say Seattle where I live.  It means that there would be only one source of news and more importantly, if you watched KOMO4 or read the Seattle Times, or listened to 106.9 FM there would only be one editorial opinion, or for that matter angle on politics. WE THE HUMAN PEOPLE own the air waves, NOT a CORPORATE HUMAN entity.  Everyone should write the FCC and say NFW are you going to allow this happen.

This was tried under the Bush administration and was soundly voted down after public hearings by the FCC, so NOW under the Obama Administration they are at it again, only this time WITHOUT public hearings.  No media outlets are reporting this, as it is not in their best interest.  This is especially true of newspaper outlets because they especially benefit from being swallowed up by the 6 major corporations which would underwrite their losing financial operations.

When the Bush administration tried this, over 3 million people wrote to the Director of the FCC demanding public hearings.  After the Citizens United Ruling, we need to make sure the FCC Director hears from 10 million of us demanding public hearings.  We failed to get SCOTUS’ attention before the Citizens United Ruling, and we have seen the result of that ruling in our last “free” elections.  Therefore, we cannot afford to allow this media hi-jack as well.

3 news monkeys

Finally, this last election revealed that in most states, more people voted for Democrats than Republicans for CONgress, but because of redistricting in 2010, by a margin of almost 2-to 1 more Republicans were elected to Congress in most states.

So, if you want the role of servant/slave, do nothing.  However, if that is not your desire or the desire for your children to be slaves or paupers, you have to get off couch and start demanding from the courts, the CONgress, and our local state legislatures to do the following things:

1). Overturn Citizens United or demand these CORPORATE people pay their fair share as a MATTER of LAW.

2). Demand the FCC cease and desist from allowing the mega-media corporations from developing monopolies in our media.

3). Demand that our legislatures end this partisan, every 4 year re-districting (gerimandering) and appoint Independent boards to look at adjusting districts considering only changing populations and insure that EACH DISTRICT is balanced as to Republicans and Democrats so that we the people by REAL majority elect who we want to represent us in fair and free elections.

wake up America

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to condemn my children or grandchildren to slave labor. Really that is not an exaggeration.





Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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