Warning/Watch Update -Significant Solar Activities Increasing

Updated 11/21/2012 @ 11:40 UTC  Sunspot 1618 / M3.5 Flare
Sunspot 1618 continues to evolve and has a Beta-Gamma magnetic configuration. This region is currently producing low level M-Class solar flares and could produce an even stronger flare within the next 24-48 hours. Sunspot 1618 is now located in the center of the solar disk and in perfect position for Earth directed Coronal Mass Ejections.

Event probabilities 22 Nov-24 Nov

Class M    70/70/70

Class X     30/30/30

Proton     30/30/30

PCAF       green


Geomagnetic Activity Probabilities 22 Nov-24 Nov

A.  Middle Latitudes

Active                                  20/35/40

Minor Storm                    05/30/20

Major-severe storm      10/10/05

B.  High Latitudes

Active                                 20/10/10

Minor Storm                    30/20/25

Major-severe storm      25/65/60

Stay Alert. Be sure you are ready for brownouts and blackouts.  Back up your computer files.



Author: redhawk500

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