Now The Election is Over, We Need To Re-dedicate Ourselves to Patriotism, Not Political Divides!

Politics has always been a dirty game, with sneaky little tricks.  It is just the nature of the “beast”.  When Thomas Jefferson ran against Adams, he called Adams a “sick little hermaphrodite”, and Adams accused Jefferson of “being a violent anarchist”! So this type of atmosphere always exists in the heat of campaigns.  However, what we witnessed during this election crossed well beyond the boundaries of “normal” politics and struck at the very heart of the democratic process.  The disenfranchisement of voters, the destruction of both registration forms and ballots was both criminal and is the antithesis of what we hold dear as Americans. One person, one vote is the very keystone of our democratic process.

We all know our political system is broken and we all know that our elected officials and our Supreme Court have failed us utterly in the last four years, well except for the 13% who still “approve” of congress.  Hitler had 20% of the people with him even as Berlin was destroyed.

When we look at what is happening globally, we’ve got very serious problems. Our financial systems are failing, unemployment is at an all time high, disease and sickness is running rampant, people are going hungry, our environment and our food and water supply are contaminated with toxins, natural disasters are wreaking havoc across the planet, there is deceit and corruption in so many of our governments.

Many are saying it is worse now than it’s ever been before on a global scale. You may or may not agree with that, but it is important to note some of the psychological effects and outcomes this has had on so many of us. For those who feel that they are on the brink of survival, emotions such as fear, anger, and greed can take their toll. Families are destroyed, soldiers are returned maimed and psychological broken, our youth disenchanted and losing hope for a better life every day.

As a result, many tend to focus only on the problems, on the injustice, on the need for revenge and retribution in an upside down world. These feelings are real and understandable, and the problems do need to be brought to the light. However, that is only half of the solution.  We can no longer hope that those we elect will represent our issues.  We know for a fact they do not and even when we do elect someone with “moral” character, they are quickly consumed with the realities they face in whatever legislative body they happen to be members. “Play the game or be marginalized and ostracized”

The reality is WE must now provide solutions to these problems that threaten the fabric of our lives. WE must begin the process of not just talking or exposing these corrupt realities and failures, but we must begin to collectively work toward finding solutions to these issues and on a global scale.  Armed revolt is not the answer, as we have seen in so many countries and we are witnessing now in Syria.  This only creates a vacuum soon filled by the very same corrupt and greedy bastards, only with different names, representing the same 1% that wishes to keep us ignorant and in economic enslavement. The changes we need to initiate will start first in our hearts when we remove our fear and hopelessness, then extend to our neighborhoods, then our communities, then to the very structure of global governance.

As Americans, why did we allow the media and the two parties the ability to marginalize the alternative candidates for office?  It was a sad day in democracy, for example, when Dr. Stein of the Green Party was arrested and detained for 8 hours for conducting a sit-in at the second “presidential debates” because she was not included, or the Ron Paul’s delegates that were usurped and marginalized at the Republican Convention. Do any of us believe this was right or just?  More importantly, why didn’t we speak up?  Why do we still support any media who participates in this obvious muzzling of voices in our country?

We have seen the impacts of social networking in Egypt, Europe, and Yemen.  We have seen how effectively we can powerfully organize an Occupy Movement.  These actions have demonstrated to us we still have our individual power in this society.

We must now, however, begin to “FIX THIS MESS”.  We must work together and raises awareness to the solutions available to us today. With increased awareness of a solution comes increased acceptance of that solution, and through this acceptance it is easier to implement and execute the solution on a larger scale. As a good starting point we strongly suggest watching the Thrive movie, which can be watched for free here: Thrive Movement

Over the next several days, we will present a series of articles looking at specific “areas” of our civilization that are broken and begin the discussions of potential solutions.  We hope you will join us in this dialogue and most importantly you will share what we discover and discuss with as many people as possible.  Complaining and people-bashing alone keeps us stagnant and we need to move forward. If we can find a way to rise above our pain and our differences we can learn that on a base level, we all want the same thing. We want peace, we want abundance and we want love. If we genuinely care for each other we can indeed create a Golden Age on Earth. Our complacency has helped to get us into this mess. In the past, if we didn’t want to think about solutions, someone else did, and many of these solutions were based on greed and personal ego. Now is the time to break this pattern. Get up, stand up, do something, and speak out!

An Editor’s note here, this site has always been commercial free.  Recently however, without our permission, links that link key words in our entries to commercial sites are becoming increasingly more frequently embedded in our articles. There doesn’t seem to be much we can do about this except we ask our readers NOT to support those commercial endeavors.  We have always maintained our independence from creating a commercial site and have tried to maintain an apolitical position in our opinions, but in spite of all of efforts, the very greed and commercialism we rant against has invaded our domain, we do profusely apologize for this unfortunate reality.


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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