4th Bulletin Update Sandy/Frankenstorm

Folks there is nothing we can add to what MSM is now streaming.  This is a storm without equal and nothing we have experienced in the past.  What more can be said?  there are 67 million people in the impact area.  You have only about 6-12 hours to get done what ever you are going to do for preparation.  By all means act now.

We are providing a good checklist below.  Run through it because there may be something you haven’t thought about.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

A Good Checklist for Now

   Minimum 6 days of stored food.
A way to safely boil water so you can prepare food.
Non-electric can openers.
Minimum 6 days of stored water.
Portable water filter.
Full fuel tanks in all your vehicles.
Gasoline and cords for your generator (if you have one).
Sleeping bags for all family members.
Flashlights and batteries.
Minimum 6-day supply of any prescription meds.
Colloidal silver and other emergency medicine items.
Cell phones full charged, with spare batteries.
Minimum one large fully-charged fire extinguisher.
Plenty of clean laundry with warm socks, undies and heavy clothing.
Backup power source: large 12V marine (deep cycle) battery with an inverter to charge cell phones and laptops.
Sponges for cleaning things when there’s no power.
Cleaning agents: Hand soap, dish soap and bleach.
Immune boosting herbal tinctures and supplements.
Topical first aid supplies: Antiseptics, bandages, etc.
Personal hygiene items, including toilet paper.
Emergency multi-purpose knife.
Matches, lighters and fire starting devices.
Activities to pass the time when there’s no TV: books, cards, games, etc.
Copies of your important paperwork and identification documents.
Two-way radios for you and your family members to communicate.
Wind-up weather radio so you can tune in to government broadcasts.• CB broadcasting radio so you can call for help if the cell towers are down.
Nuclear preparedness: Do you have potassium iodide pills?
Hiding stuff: Do you have good hiding places in your home in case criminals break in and overpower you?
Pet preparedness: Do you have enough food and water for your animals?
Go bag: Do you have a “bug out bag” ready in case you have to evacuate?
Hiking gear: What happens if you have to leave on foot?
– Cold weather hiking shoes
– Rugged backpack
– A good hat to protect you from the elements
– Local map and compass
– Water carrying containers (and a way to carry them)
– Portable food
– Weather-proof writing notepad
– Flashlights
– Identification
– Portable self defense items

   Security plans for your neighborhood or building: How will you defend against looters?
Physical barriers to block doors and windows: Are your windows locked?
Tripwire alert devices and motion alert devices • Self defense items to defend against possible looters:
– If firearms, double check your ammo, firearm lubrication and sights.
– Have a challenge / response code word with your family members so that you can identify each other in the dark. For example, if you say “Flash” they should say “Thunder” in response.
– Drill all safety procedures in the home. Children should know in advance where a “safe hiding place” is located.
– Emergency whistles for all children or senior citizens so they can call for help.

Stay Safe everyone and don’t forget to check on your neighbors, especially if they are elderly or confined.


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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