Second Alert Bulletin on Sandy’s Landfall

The situation is a little more defined (80-90%) and it currently looks like Sandy will make landfall, probably on the Delaware coast sometime between 2-4 A.M. Tuesday morning. Sandy is expected to have sustained winds of 70Kts. or 77-80 MPH with gusts to 85 Kts. or about 90-95 MPH. Concerns center on exactly where Sandy makes her dive to the coast and the status of the tides, given we have highest tidal influences at the same time as Sandy is expected to make landfall.  Storm surge could add 6-8 ft to the tides in storm surge. Sandy is then downgraded to extra-tropical and moves quickly into central Pennsylvania probably around State College, Pa, but will still be packing sustained winds of about 60 Kts. or 70 MPH.

On landfall, Sandy’s hurricane force winds will be 35-45  miles out from the center of the storm and tropical force winds extending out 275 miles. Yeah, Sandy is on the chunky side! Therefore, those in the path of the storm can expect tropical force winds lasting up to 24-36 hours.

Given the current situation and various models, Western WV, PA, NY, and most of Ohio could get 20+ inches of heavy wet snow.  Some areas could get 30+ inches of snow.  This will really depend on how long the “stall” that Sandy will experience as she collides with the intense cold air system coming from the west. This is the other part of the perfect storm.  Currently the consensus is this “stall” will last about 48 hours.  However, a few models suggest it could last up to four days.  This concern also has a second variable which is how much intensification of the two storms will occur from their collision.

More when anything significant changes


Author: redhawk500

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