Are We Being Nuked and Don’t Even Know It?

After Fukishima, there were significant spikes in radiation recorded for about 30 days in the US, especially on the West Coast.  Based on what we being told at that time concerning the conditions at Fukishima, this was consistent with the information that was being provided by TEPCO.

However, the accident at Fukishima occurred on 11 March 2011, so the air-borne radiation levels in the US should now be back to normal background levels and they are not back to normal in several locations, they are spiking.  We first noticed the most recent spiking starting on September 17th of this year and they are not abating.  Something is happening that we are not being told about or alerted to and it is time to raise a level of concern.

Here are some real time data that should concern us all.


We don’t want to be alarmists and we certainly do not want to unnecessarily raise any red flags, but the intensity and duration of these increased counts cannot be ignored any longer.  The real concerns with radiation exposure is the impacts long term as they relate to increased cancer and genetic anomalies which is dictated by both dosage rates and length of time an individual is exposed to these elevated count levels.

Anything over 100 Clicks per Minute (CPM) is time to get concerned, and now there are MANY places up over 100, some at 500, even 1000 clicks per minute.  Exposure to 100CPM for a year gives you a significantly increased chance of cancer….and that is just from getting hit externally with the radiation.    If you breathe it in, it can be 20 times worse.    Exposure to 500 CPM for 90 days gives you a significantly increased chance of cancer and in pregnant women there is a significant increase in miscarriages and birth defects.

As you can see from the real time charts of actual recorded data, there is real justification to be concerned.  We think it is time to raise the “knowledge” level out there and time to get some “official” answers to these questions.  We are suggesting to our readers in the areas highlighted above that they start to make inquiries to their congressional representatives and agencies such as the Federal and State EPA’s to elicit an explanation.

History concerning honesty by government officials as it relates to exposure to radiation in the past has been dismal.  Indeed, it appears that the Japanese have been especially mute concerning the long term effects from the Fukishima accident or the real current condition of reactor #4 and US agencies involved with the evaluation of those impacts on the US population has been fairly non-existent as well, at least information to the general public.

One only has to remember the above ground testing in Nevada and New Mexico and the impacts “under-reporting” of the exposure of those state citizens and the impacts that has had in the past or the actions of the governments of Europe and Eastern Europe after Chernobyl. Reports of structural chromosome aberrations in people exposed to fallout in Belarus and other parts of the former Soviet Union, Austria, and Germany argue against a simple dose-response relationship between degree of exposure and incidence of aberrations. These findings are relevant because a close relationship exists between chromosome changes and congenital malformations.

Again we do not wish to be alarmists and I think people who read this blog know that, but it’s time we get some straight and complete answers. If you have friends or family in the areas we have highlighted above they should know what is happening in their area and they should certainly be somewhat concerned about these data sets.


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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