A major solar flare reaching X1.4 peaked at 16:52 UTC Thursday afternoon. A major and long duration eruption reaching X1.4 around Sunspot 1520 peaked at 16:52 UTC Thursday afternoon. Type II and IV Sweep Frequency Events were recorded. This event was also responsible for a Strong R3 Radio Blackout on the sunlit side of Earth. A bright Coronal Mass Ejection was produced and appears to be Earth directed.

CME Update: As per the latest CME track from the Goddard Space Center, the fast moving plasma cloud from today will impact our Geomagnetic Field on Saturday with a nearly direct hit. Geomagnetic Storming will be possible and this could lead to very nice Aurora displays at higher latitudes. Please note that with any CME prediction, nothing is for certain. Click HERE to watch the forecast track animation.

Event Probabilities 13 Jul-15 Jul

Class M    80/80/80

Class X    35/35/35

Proton     99/99/50

PCAF       red


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