Solar Flare Activities- Status Upgraded to RED – 6 July 2012

We have had an M6.1 and an X1.1 today.  A major X1.1 Solar Flare was detected at 23:08 UTC. This event triggered a 10cm Radio Burst and a Type IV Sweep Frequency Event. More updates to follow should a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) be associated.  A two minute 10cm radio burst indicates that the electromagnetic burst associated with a solar flare at the 10cm wavelength was double or greater than the initial 10cm radio background. This can be indicative of significant radio noise in association with a solar flare. This noise is generally short-lived but can cause interference for sensitive receivers including radar, GPS, and satellite communications. You can get full real-time information at Solarham.

In addition, the old 1504 system is now rotating into view on the Southeastern limb and looks more magnetically complex than before.  It seems we will be experiencing increasing activity during the next several days. There will continue to be a chance for another strong solar flare on into the weekend.

Event Probabilities 07 Jul-09 Jul

Class M    80/80/80     Class X     25/25/25     Proton     10/10/10    PCAF       green

Penticton 10.7 cm Flux

Observed           06 Jul                    158

Predicted           07 Jul-09 Jul     165/160/155

90 Day Mean     06 Jul                  122

Geomagnetic Activity Probabilities 07 Jul-09 Jul

A.  Middle Latitudes

Active    30/45/20       Minor storm   10/15/05      Major-severe storm    01/01/01

B.  High Latitudes

Active   15/10/15     Minor storm  30/30/30    Major-severe storm  45/55/30

So we would again strongly advise both communication and power delivery activities monitor this situation closely over the next few days. Unshielded electronic devices may also be affected in the high latitude regions.


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