Breaking Through the First Myth of Enslavement – Scarcity of Resources

In order for the elite of this world to rule us, they must first create the myth that there is a scarcity of resources.  This achieves two goals for them to rule over the rest of us.  One, we all can’t have it all, only a selected few, and two, this scarcity myth creates an artificial value which is how they measure power and wealth.  This scarcity is simply not factual.

Let’s consider a few facts, then we can begin to visualize a society where certainly everyone on this planet can have everything they could possible desire.  Sounds crazy huh?  I must be nuts.  Well maybe, but at least consider what I am saying and then debunk my logic.

The current population of the earth is about 6 Billion people. If we had a society that was based on freedom, justice, and efficiency we could accomplish things like equal spacious communal housing.  We could construct very high density, but spacious living quarters (3M2 ) per person easily on very small footprints.  A building that was say 3000 M x 3000M x 500M could house 1/2 Billion people!  That’s right, on a footprint of only 3 square kilometers, we could house that many people.  That would mean that housing the entire world’s population could be achieved in as little as 36 square kilometers, if we approach the idea purely from efficiency!

Doubling or even tripling that size would leave vastly large areas of the facilities for communal activities and still only have a footprint of 100 – 150 square kilometers.  When we can think in these terms, then the vast remaining space can be used for agriculture, parks, and pristine recreational facilities. Given that the earth’s land surface is about 148,300,000 sq km, I think you get the point. To say that we cannot provide spacious living quarters for everyone is simply a myth.  Food scarcity based on the above model is simply laughable. Given such facilities could have hydroponic gardening systems for local vegetables and spices and the rest of agricultural needs could easily be supported by the available land that would exist, it simply defies logic that we cannot have comfortable living quarters for everyone without some sick plan to depopulate the planet or that this planet has some finite carrying capacity that we are now exceeding. Simply put that is BS.

The biggest argument that the “green” doomsdayers put forth is the scarcity of potable water.  Countries and governments all over the world struggle with this issue.  They go to war over water “rights”. “Rights’ is an interesting concept, isn’t it? It is a current limiting factor to growth, prosperity, health, and housing everywhere in the world.  The fact that only ½% of the water on this planet is potable is the argument.  But that is exactly the point!  I would use the very same fact to argue that no one on this planet should be without clean drinking water. We have 99.5 % of the water unused!  Given our current technologies and the will to stop polluting the waters we have, we could easily support the current world’s population and much much more. It isn’t even a question of technologies, only of will and focus.

The seemingly big issue is availability of clean energy.  Energy companies everywhere go about the planet acting as though they are even above governments because after all they are the ones continually seeking the energy that will make or break the prosperity of the world’s economies.  They are in fact just exploiting the cheapest and most finite resources in the most environmentally irresponsible ways to create the most wealth for themselves.  Electricity produced by clean limitless technologies that have been suppressed by these very same multi-national corporations is already within our grasp, and have been for decades.  Free energy from electricity produced in these non-nuclear, non-fossil fuel based modes could provide free limitless energy for everyone.  Free energy alone could raise the world’s standard of living 100 fold!  The amount of pollution reduction achieved by these technologies would allow the planet to heal itself in a matter of decades.  The ability to wirelessly transmit this electrical power (WET technologies) also exists.  Further both in the UK and the US these systems already are being utilized.  General Motors (GM) has invested $5 million into a wireless charging device called PowerMat that uses inductive charging, which transmits electricity via magnets without any actual, physical connection. Since GM is owned by the US government, their new device may have more to do with the release of certain Tesla technology covertly.

According to the DoD Fiscal Year 2012 Operational Energy Budget Certification Report, they are researching experiments to facilitate the energy required for military operations. In the name of national security, the DoD is “directly [supporting] military operations [that] require a steady supply of energy for mission success”. WET technology obviously would expedite this need. In conjunction with the “2009 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) directed the appointment of a Director of Operational Energy Plans and Programs in the DoD . . . are coordinating and overseeing program activities related to the implementation of operational energy [strategies], research and development, investments” for the exclusive use of the US government.

So there you have it, my logic, in a 1,000 words or less why scarcity of resources is just a myth.  Think about what everyone’s life on this planet would be like if we all had spacious clean housing, good nutritional food supplies, clean water, and unlimited free power.  Now tell me why we don’t have all these things right now.

The real reasons are greed, power, ignorance of the facts, and willful suppression of technologies to maintain the myth of scarcity.