Facts, Big Questions, and What It All May Mean

Facts, Big Questions, and What It All May Mean

As any frequent reader of this site knows, I like to deal in facts and not crazy conspiracy theories.  If you closely review the articles I have written since 2009, you will see that they mainly focused on the financial crisis and current changes in climate, seismic activity, and solar activity.  On the surface they seem unrelated, but in fact I have compiled enough data and articles that can now be checked in retrospect that have been both accurate in fact and forecast.

Do I have a crystal ball? No. Am I a psychic? No. Am I some agent or secret whistleblower from one of the alphabet agencies? No. Am I some disinformation specialist? No, I am none of these things, nor have I made any extra-ordinary claims to anything remotely associated with those groups.  I am simply a well travelled and well read individual who is trying to understand the nature of who we are, where we are in the universe, and what may lie in our immediate future.

Until now I have also tried to avoid being “dragged” in any one specific set of theories about 2012.  For example, I do not believe that December 21st, 2012 is any temporal marker signifying the end of the world and I maintain that if you have studied the ancient writings as closely as I have, whether it be Mayan, Sumerian, Egyptian, or indigenous histories, such as the Hopi’s or Lakota’s, they all agree that while this time marks the end of an epoch, it is NOT the end of the world.  These are facts.

However, an end of an epoch does have some significant changes associated with them.  If you are a Christian, for example, the Great Flood and the story of Noah certainly had significant changes associated with God’s desire to “reset” the path of man.  The evidence of the Great Flood is also very much a fact based on archeological and geological evidence.  The same could be said about the great Ice Age events that have been experienced on the earth.

The “BIG” question right now is are we poised for another similar big event and if so what is it really?  In order to look at this as rationally as we can, we first must be very observant of the world and events around us and then see if we can determine any facts that would suggest one way or another that we might be on the event horizon of “something” significant.  I have avoided writing specifically about this until now, even though I have been studying this very question for over thirty years.  But now, in order to see if I can elicit some truths for us all to understand, I must present what I know because there are just too many compelling questions, activities by our governments and the uber-elite to ignore it any further.

First, I assume I know nothing.  Secondly, I am going to assume that we as the general global public know very little.  Thirdly, I am going to assume that maybe no one knows anything for sure.  However, especially within the last 24 months, several events and facts have surfaced that may suggest that a whole lot of “somebodies” know something about very near future events and it behooves us all to seek answers to activities that on the surface do not seem associated but maybe they are all part of the puzzle.  I encourage everyone who reads this to do their validation and if they reach the same conclusions I have, we need to act in concert to get the answers to the questions I am going to raise in this article. Your life or your ability to survive may count on it.

Question #1 – What has NASA so abruptly ended the manned space program after an investment of nearly 50 years and several trillion dollars?

Question #2 – Why have the US Air Force Space Command Space Weather Group issued such dire warnings about this particular active solar cycle, especially being specific from late 2012 to the spring of 2013?  What is different than the previous cycles and how do they KNOW it is different?

Question #3 – Why did NASA sent an unmanned shuttle into space for over 460 days and never once mention what the mission of that unmanned shuttle was, other to say it was to prove we could launch and retrieve an unmanned space vehicle?

Question #4 – Why has the world not responded to the Fukishima disaster more rigorously and allowed the event to continue as it is?  Why hasn’t the US responded more vigorously to the impending impact of the Japanese tsunami debris that is going to imminently impact the West Coast?

Question #5- Why haven’t world governments more actively intervened in the global financial disaster and have allowed this meltdown to continue unabated for 4 years?

Question #6 – Why are the Department of Homeland Security and the US Army preparing for some eminent huge disruption of civil order in the US? This includes most recently disaster drills of huge scales, FEMA Camps, and the recent purchase of millions of small arms weapons and ammunition.

Question #7 – Why has there been a significant increase of a particular type of “UFO” sightings involving multiple orange orbs witnessed by nearly 30 million people within the last three years, and why is our governments silent on the phenomena?

Question #8 – Why did Norway “seal” the seed vault at the end of 2011 and more importantly why did they invite the UN to inspect the site before they sealed it?

Question #9 – Why have the US, Russia, and China invested more in Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS) in the last three years than at any other time in history, when on the face of it there is now a far less chance of nuclear war or threats to any of these countries from the other?

These questions are raised based on substantiated facts, but with no explanations or comments from our governments and more substantially, no one in MSM is questioning these actions.  On the surface, they don’t seem related, but when looked at collectively they certainly suggest a certain co-ordinated effort to prepare for something of huge global impact.  Maybe it is time to wake up and begin to ask for the answers to these questions.

Now let me propose a possible scenario. I base this possible scenario on as much facts as I can and information that has presented to us by seemingly unassociated individuals that have proven to be fairly accurate in their facts and predictions and they base their efforts on at least a modicum of scientific methodology. They are Clif High, Courtney Brown, Dr. Steven Greer, and Nancy Leider.  I encourage everyone to check out their work.  While they are aware of each other’s work, it seems that there has been no collaboration between them and they have all arrived at similar conclusions.  They all have presented materials about events leading up the “Big Event” that have been uncannily accurate and correct.  Therefore based on their information and predictions, I have created this scenario.

Sometime between now and the spring of 2013, there will be an astronomic event involving the earth.  The source of this event may be a massive solar flare that will affect us all or a space body impacting the earth.  Which every the case may be, it will cause a complete disruption of life as we all know it globally. If it is a solar flare event, there could be a complete disruption of the global power grid and significant damage from radiation.  The RAND Corporation and others have actually completed studies on these impacts and you can read their assessments for yourself.  One such document, EMP Commission – Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States From Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack – National Critical Infrastructures. The Rand Corporation recently prepared Report MG819 –A Stability Police Force for the US- Justification and Options for Creating US Capabilities which is a guide for the US Army to institute martial law.

If the event is a space body impacting the earth, which seems the more likely scenario, it will most likely strike in the southern hemisphere and most likely in the ocean.  The significance here is both the displacement wave and the resultant shock and heat concussion that would be generated.  A displacement wave is not a tsunami.  It is much larger and will travel much further inland than any imagined tsunami and it will mostly definitely affect ALL global coastal areas, which is where 90% of the global community lives.

This scenario is the one most supported by the people mentioned above and is most supported by the curious activities of our governments.  I believe they do know the when and where of it and are simply not telling us the truth for a number of reasons.

I am presenting this material is the briefest manner possible because I want everyone to consider this as a real warning.  I encourage everyone who reads this to do their own validation and if it resonates with you, at minimum, we should warn our families, friends, and the people who are dear to us.  I think we should also press our governments to at least provide a rational reason to deny their activities are in preparation for the event.  There are many “channellers”, BS artists, charlatans, and disinformation creeps trying to confuse the issue on the internet and other venues, but the facts simply indicate the danger is real.  Do yourself a favor and at least look into it.  If after that you feel it resonates with you, pass it on.  I will sleep a little better knowing I have at least “put it out there”.