Questions, Indictments, and Incitement!

All men, when they stand before the creator, are judged equal.  All men on earth are judged by the amount of money they have accumulated.  I say as above, so below.  It is time we face the reality that we are all guilty of crimes against humanity.  In a world of plenty, our children starve.  In a world of wealth, people are living in squalor.

How is it that we can worship GODS, as just and true, when we act in such horrific ways against our fellow man?  How can we say we are civilized, or how can we say we rule in democratic and just ways when there is so much suffering and sorrow and war in our lands?

We know this is not the correct way, and yet, we do nothing.  We watch our children die, we send our young men to war and they return to homelessness instead of our honor and respect.  O true, we do say the words, but we don’t act.  We forget instead.  We turn our backs instead.  We look to our governments to solve the problems, because after all, what can we do?

Even when it is our own brothers and sisters, we do not respond.  How is it so?  How can it be?  Are we not all of divine nature?  What has us so fearful?  What makes us believe we are not responsible?  What makes us feel so powerless?  This cannot truly be our nature.

The basis of Judeo Christian religion is the story of Adam and Eve.  The core of this story is the fall of mankind, the original sin.  But was it a fall?  Recent manuscripts recovered in Iran tell a different story.  They tell a story of a push rather than a fall. To quote Worldbridger by Juliet and Jiva Carter, Sowelu Publishing (2007).


So now we arrive at this mystical point, 2012.  This heralded time, even from ancient times, has arrived.  What is it?  Why do we sense that something is going to happen?  Why is it so many are beginning to hope?  Maybe, just maybe, the Carters are right.  But if this is true, what is our responsibility to recover humanity’s resonance with geometries of light?

It seems to me it is obvious we should be participating in the recovery and restoration of our full human blueprint.  We must look at one another in the true light of who we are, brothers and sisters all, no exceptions, for we are all simply, but wondrously human.  We must now, in preparation for this time, turn to one another and see what happens when we say to each other, hello, I really see you, or smile, instead of putting our heads down and quietly passing by with eyes averted.

We have seen in recent times that we are not powerless.  The Arab Spring, the occupy movements, and now the Treyyvon Martin events clearly demonstrate our power.  When we decide to act, collectively, our will is imposed, in spite of the oligarchic power structure, and failed public institutions.  We do know how to act in just and passionate manners, commonly and collectively.  Universally we yearn for freedom and justice, and we know it when we see it in its true form.

What am I saying?  We should start a revolution?  Yes, in a way I am, but, not a revolution of violence and death and destruction.  We already have too many of those going on in the world.  No, I am talking about a revolution on a personal level.  The next time you see an injustice, no matter how small, and you feel a need to act, ACT!

Speak up in your community activities, participate in the political process, come to the aid of those in need and encourage others to do the same.  Elevate the people in your community who do good.  Make them heroes and celebrities.  Start today. Whether you are 10 or 90, there is some individual or group that would benefit from your voice or your time. This is not about charity, or giving wealth, this is about us all understanding that our participation in the present, the now, is needed, is important, and is required.  We have a role in our collective destinies.

An old philosopher (I am sorry I have forgotten his name, but not his words) said that every decision in life that we make, we make either from a state of fear or love.  I say we have been making decisions from fear lately and this is time to make more confident decisions based on the love of ourselves and our fellow human beings.  It is time to act in our families, our vocations, and our politics in a unifying manner and not a divisive manner.  Instead of having intolerance for another’s view, let’s have intolerance for rigidity.  Demand debate and compromise in the political process. And as for the treasures of our labor, that just distribution of the wealth be the law of the land.

It is 2012 and I do have hope.  Hope, not acted on is hopelessness, don’t you agree?


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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