Warning – Situation Update #7 – Elevated to Orange

Solar activity is increasing.  Solar activity increased to moderate levels Monday with three M-Class flares taking place around a big new Sunspot numbered 1339.  In addition, sunspot 1338 is also rotating in earth view on the lower limb.  Both of these sunspots are extremely large and having been spawning both M and X class flares.  Within the next two days we are expecting a lot of activity.  What to expect and prepare for is both a potential loss of communications as these flares blast past the satellites and there is a significant concern that some of these flares will affect the global power grid.  At the current time it appears the main effects could be felt on the western side of the US and Central America as related to the potential for power outages.  In addition, these types of impacts are felt to be associated with increased seismic activity.  Indeed we are seeing a spike in 5-6 magnitude quakes already today. You can monitor this solar activity best at http://www.solarham.com/.

As we have been posting, our greatest concerns related to increased seismic activity is focused off the coast of Japan and most importantly the activity in the Canary Islands.  The latest report from the Canary Islands bears out our concerns.  The swarms of earthquakes in the region has exceeded over 1,000 in the last 36 hours.

October 30, 2011 – CANARY ISLANDS – The National Geographic Institute has confirmed this morning at the direction of the Civil Protection Plan for Volcanic Risk (Pevolca) a magnitude 3.9 earthquake struck northwest of Frontera, located in the sea at a depth of 22 miles deep. The earthquake was followed by a 3.2 magnitude aftershock which struck at a depth of 19 km. The quake, which was felt by the population, occurred at 07.46 hours and is the largest earthquake recorded in the island after the onset of the eruption south of La Restinga. The Emergency Coordination Center and Security (CECOES) received 1-1-2 calls from the towns of Isora, Guarazoca, Mocanal (Valverde) and Tigaday (Border). The evolution of seismicity in the north of the island has increased in recent days and scientists, who are monitoring constantly all possible scenarios, still cannot ascertain what this new activity means. In this sense, they are inclined to believe that this new activity could be producing a seamount. Moreover, those responsible for the IGN have confirmed that yesterday, 62 earthquakes were reported along this region with two of them being felt by the population. The earthquake of greatest magnitude in yesterday’s swarm reached a magnitude of 3.6 on the Richter scale. This movement has been located at sea in the Gulf area about 4 miles from the coast at a depth of 23 kilometers. It has been felt by the population with maximum intensity IV in the town of Valverde. The depths vary between 15 km and 25 km. In total, since the day July 17, 2011, the island of El Hierro has been shaken by more than 10, 615 earthquakes. According to reports from scientists at the University of Cadiz, and with reference to the deformation of the ground, this continues in two separate scenarios. The south of the island shows a remission in increasing deformation, clearly marked by the eruption process and that is evident in the data recorded in the GPS station of La Restinga. However, in the north of the island, there is an increased component of deformation component to the North and the East. –Europa Press translated.

So East Coasters continue to monitor this situation closely.  Also we are also seeing increased significant seismic activity off the coast of South America which we feel should be monitored closely by our friends in Brazil Argentina, Chile, and Peru.  We will continue to monitor the situation and update as warranted.


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