Trying to Make Sense of the Madness

When we look at the world from our monitoring perspective, we could be overwhelmed with what we are monitoring right now. Really, can anyone remember any time in history, save the fall of Rome and the onset of the dark ages that has been more chaotic than the present time?

From Nature’s side, we have global warming, with its associated weather extremes, seismic activity unlike any every observed, both in frequency and intensity, and we are experiencing the effects of hyper solar activity that so far has only produced a few power outages and spectacular auroras not being seen to the  middle of the States, Russia, Asia, and Europe since the 19th century.  Also, there is this lingering question that can’t be “put to bed” about comets, meteorites, and the so-called Planet X, Nibiru, or the Brown Dwarf, depending on whom you are reading.

On the political/social side of the equation, there are 40 some conflicts on-going, governments are being overthrown, and civil disobedience is ongoing in over 150 cities as of this writing.  In addition, the economies of the world are incredibly weak or collapsing, and the lack of will of the oligarchy and politicians to “do the right thing” is stark naked.  One cannot see any positive outcomes in the near future, and certainly can envision “worst case” scenarios unfolding in the next 6 months or year.  Rumors are flying of WW3 sparking off anytime.

So what are we suppose to think and do about all of this?  How do we cope, and in all too many real cases, survive?

If we look at all of the “elements” of this current time, we can see and know from our history there is nothing new here, only now just all at once.  Great earth changes – check, we have done that before.  Greedy and powerful oligarchies running roughshod over the economies of the world-check, our history books are full of accounts of these bastards.  Power hungry politicians prostituting themselves to the powerful-what’s new about that?

So why do we collectively feel that this time is more significant than all the times before?

Maybe, just maybe, it is genetically encoded in our essential being.  It seems that the most accurate prophetic descriptions of these times are contained in the history and culture of the oldest humans on the planets, such as the Hopis, the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia, and the Native South and Central Americans.

And indeed, the current keepers of the knowledge of these peoples have provided the most healing advice for us to consider during the current times.  I provide a few here for your consideration and it is our hope they may even give you a little peace.

Aluna Joy Yaxk’in was advised by The Star Elders that we are now unplugging from the Fourth World and preparing to enter the Fifth World. You may feel disoriented and confused. Know that this is normal, and keep the faith. Expect the unexpected . . . and dream an amazing dream . . . for these are the days you have been waiting for.

Aluna Joy got this advice on his Mundo Maya Unplugged Pilgrimage to Tikal, Guatemala.  On his way home from this trip he had a dream in which the Star Elders spoke to him and relayed the following message:

The ancient ones speak . . .

Your work is almost complete. You have set your ancestors free. You have also set yourselves free. You have readied the temples for new frequencies. You are now in that space between in which to create a new World for yourselves. No guides, angels or guardians will tell you how to create this World. It is time to stand in your own creative power and manifest the Fifth World together.

There are no more messages for you in the Fourth World. All that needed to be transmitted in the Fourth World has been received. The past will not and cannot offer you anything useful at this time. Don’t look back and don’t look outside yourself. The truth is not out there . . . it is in you. Look forward inside yourself for you are your own ancestors, returned to set yourselves free of the limitations of the Fourth World. You have begun to unplug yourselves. You are now ready to prepare for the Fifth World that is just ahead of you.

You are being unplugged from this World. To move forward, you must unplug. This is a time between time; A time for you to prepare. It is now time that you meet the Council of the Fifth World. We are those who came from the future to anchor keys and doorways to the Fifth World. We have left messages for you in sacred sites in the Americas: Palenque, Tikal, Copan and Quirigua are some of the places we have done this. But many sites are still shrouded in jungle . . . yet to be discovered. It doesn’t matter if the sites are discovered. The seals to the Fifth World have been broken free. This is an amazing time for you all.

The Hopi Elders tells us that our Mother Earth and we are going through a purification process prior to entering into the Fifth World.  This Purification is presented here.

Purification involves a number of elements:

Repentance, or rethinking, of the Two-headed Way of Life. This involves commitment, deep knowing that we are all One, acceptance of personal power to create change, and following our inner guidance. It is good to do this in groups, because it reminds us that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Also, as individuals, we are so rooted in our Two-hearted ways that we need others to help point them out to us. Once we as a group have identified and committed to a One-hearted vision, we can begin to live it, first within the group, then increasingly in the outer Two-hearted world. Then like-minded groups may join together to form ‘villages,’ ready for when the Two-hearted Path collapses in ruins.

Sovereignty, or self-respect, and respect for the sovereignty of others. It is also about taking responsibility for our creations and good stewardship for whatever is in our sphere of influence. For example, the Fifth World view of the planet is as a partner to be nurtured rather than as a resource to be consumed and discarded. Also, wealth and abundance will not be hoarded by those whose lands produce it, but will be shared equitably. Finally, any decision about stewardship will never be short-term but will consider the impact on future generations.

Truthfulness. Confusion over ‘what should be’ versus ‘what is’ separates us from the realities of life. We look for quick fixes, Hollywood endings and the latest fads rather than ‘walking the talk’ and ‘doing the work.’ One group may import ‘what works’ from another group and impose it on themselves, but disharmony may result. This leads to strife, conflict, and even war. Other cultures become too complex and collapse under their own weight, thrusting the people into anarchy until new ways are found. This is the inevitable outcome of the Two-hearted Path, and we are seeing its effects now as fewer and fewer Americans believe that government is ‘by the people, for the people.’ Our lives float between hope and fear, unrooted in ‘what is.’ From the moment of our birth, we are indoctrinated into membership of our culture, with prison or asylum awaiting dissenters. We leave school, trained to become ‘another brick in the wall,’ mindlessly perpetuating the Two-hearted Path. The Hopi language has no equivalent of, “I’m busy,” or, “I’m sorry.” Busy-ness and apology are not part of the One-hearted Path; and will not carry us through the collapse of the Fourth World and emergence into the Fifth.

It is an amazing time for us all.  When we look specifically at what is happening in the streets and parks of our cities today, this just may be that “unplugging” occurring.  We need not be frightened.  We need to look optimistically to the future.  The time to blame others is over, but it also the time that each and every one of us demand that every human be treated with dignity and respect.  It is no longer about money, power, or might.  Now is the time for all of us to start taking care of all of us, making this a new world.

May You Always Travel in Peace.


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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