Warning-Situation Update #4

Just a quick update on the areas of concern we have been monitoring. Sunspot #1302 is migrating off the western limb and has remained relatively quiet.  #1302 did produce a minor long duration M Class flare today with a minor associated CME, but it is not totally earth directed.  Sunspot #1305 is growing and showing it has the potential to be active.  Soon to be #1309 is emerging from the east limb and on the backside of the sun, this area was responsible for producing a massive CME.  However, in general, things have calmed considerably on the solar surface.

El Heirro has also calmed down, however, quakes continue to swarm, although not as numerous. This could mean the magma has stabilized or it is the point where the “dome” is locked until there will be an explosive eruption.  Local Spanish Authorities are placing an eruption as 90% likely in the next thirty days.  We will continue to monitor this closely.


Author: redhawk500

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