Warning-Situation Update #1

As we pointed out in our last post, we are very concerned about a major Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) from the solar sunspot 1302.  It seems it has started in earnest.  GEOMAGNETIC STORM: A strong-to-severe geomagnetic storm is in progress following the impact of a coronal mass ejection (CME) at approximately 12:15 UT on Sept. 26th. The Goddard Space Weather Lab reports a “strong compression of Earth’s magnetosphere. The source of this report is SpaceWeather.

Additional we have reports from Norway of Severe changes in ground current.  This current geo-magnetic storm is the strongest we have seen to date.  HAARP is also currently recording the strongest impacts we have seen in over three years of following it in our center.

The Japanese magnetic simulation site is recording the greatest impact we have witnessed.

Current real time impacts appear to be localized power outages being reported in Santiago Chile, San Diego California, and Seattle Washington.  We believe more is to come.

One of the most serious issues we are monitoring is the potential for earthquakes in the Canary Islands.  There have already been swarms of small quakes recorded there.  The concern relates to the east facing side of the mountains there that could slide into the ocean.  It is estimated that nearly 15,000 KM3 of the mountain would slide into the ocean, creating a tsunami of 25 meters hitting the East Coast of the US, which would arrive nine hours later.  9 HOURS.  Please stay very alert.  Check those Bug-Out Bags one more time.


Author: redhawk500

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