The Arab Spring, The European Summer, and An Americans Fall

As the economy continues to collapse and various sovereigns try to institute the austerity programs that are being demanded by the bankers, we have reached the point I have been writing about for over a year.  The riots have broken out on every continent.

In the last week alone there have been major riots in England, Chile, Israel, China, and the US.  These riots are in addition to  the riots that are on-going in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iran, and Lebanon.  There is no longer any doubt that the Global Revolution has begun.

Words and discussions certainly can help us understand, but understand what?  The fact these riots have begun is simple.  When hope is no longer visible to the masses and basic essential needs of food, shelter, employment, and health care are not met, all Hell will break loose!  Any military veteran will tell you that the most fearless warriors are the hungry ones with no other options.

But I think the following photo journal  of the week’s activities will say it all

The London Riots

The Riots in Chile

The Riots in Israel


The Riots in San Francisco

The next few months are truly dangerous times.  The level of tension is high and the actions of those in charge to stabilize the situation are woefully absent.  My advice is if possible, stay isolated and prepared to survive on your own for 1-4 weeks.  I fear a gross over reaction from various enforcement forces and certainly a military action against the various domestic citizens.  Secondly, most of the riots are involving massive looting which only justifies the over reaction of the various police and military.