Let’s Get Back to Being Real

We are facing all kinds of real threats to life as we know it.  The economic crisis threatens to push our country to third world status and most of us out of the middle class.  The so-called war on terrorism seems to be endless and as draining on our national treasury as was King Richard’s Folly.  In any great civilization, the first sign of failure is a common belief that the next generation will NOT be better than the current generation.  We are certainly at that point.

The good news of history, each great new arising civilization that arises from the ashes of the failed and corrupted society happened when the spirit of man was rising once again and inspiring dreams of how it could be if we adhered to what both believers and non-believers agreed was a noble standard of living and the pursuit of fame and fortune.  To create that type of environment and social standard, we have to ask a single fundamental question.  WHY ARE WE HERE?

While we will never be in agreement as to the detailed answer to that question, we can come to an universal concept of that standard.  For me, the answer was so succinctly addressed in a very ancient text, the Kolbrin.

“So long as the soul looks outward only, into the deceptive environment of matter and is satisfied with the material pleasures it finds there, and which its baser body finds compatible, it remains cut off from the greater realm of the spirit. It binds itself to matter, failing to find the greater pleasures always there in the silent depths of its being. Confirmed in his attitude by experiences in a deceptive environment, mortal man becomes convinced that all desirable things lie outside himself. He concludes that satisfaction comes from gaining the things which promote material welfare. This is the folly of the unbalanced man. However, balance is the keyword, for it is equally foolish to turn away from material things altogether. Man is made of earthly things, because it is intended that he should live and express himself on Earth. It is also intended that he should discover his nature through earthly conditions and experiences”. – KOLBRIN

These words are very contemporary.  It addresses the corruption and greed that is endemic.  It describes the follies of material pursuit as the end all.  It urges each of us to take a few moments a day to pursue an understanding of the nature of who we are in a place of quiet and solitude.  And certainly, I think no one would disagree with the fact we so desperately need to seek some balance in this madness that seems to be all about us.

It seems to me that we can sum up the current collective situation we face globally into three distinct pressures.  The first is extremism in religious fervor.  Whether it is Wahabism or Fundamental Christianity, Orthodox Judaism or Mormonism, we need to seek accommodation and reconciliation. There are a million paths to spiritual enlightenment, including seeking no path at all.  It’s all good.

Second, is to assure a reasonable distribution of wealth.  Nothing threatens our global stability more than this single issue.  We should seriously consider the declaration of a jubilee in its truest sense.  If we globally observed a Jubilee year, there would be no crushing debt, nor an imbalance of the very rich and the very poor. Land values would be relatively stable, and inflation and depressions would not occur. It would also result in good government and prosperity.  Although I understand it sounds a bit altruistic, I still put it to you, why wouldn’t it work?

Finally, there is the matter of social justice.  If we are a truly enlightened civilization, and I would think we are still at least a candidate for that honor, then we accept a responsibility to address the gross social injustices that exist today. I would hope that the universal goals for the 21st century would be to manage the world’s population in such a manner that everyone has universal rights to food, housing, health care, and education.  As I write these words, I already hear all the sighs and groans and the outright laughter from the “500,000,000” club.  However, the facts are we could do just that with the resources we currently possess. It is only a matter of will.

All over the world, people are waking up and standing up.  However, not unlike newborns, they are not sure why they are standing or just what they are standing up for.  In a number of cases, they are being exploited by those who wish to maintain the status quo.  I think the American Tea Party is a very good example how that plays out.

I certainly do not have a clue how we channel this emerging energy into a movement that really positively and fundamentally changes our present course.  All I know is it wouldn’t hurt to collectively decide why we are here and establish some global goals to achieve what we collectively agree are the major reasons we are here in the first place.  Who knows where that would take us.

Every once in awhile you just have to stop and ponder things from these altruistic heights.  My experience when you are then grounded again, you find yourself one more wrung up the ladder.