What If? What If We Could End the Economic Crisis Tomorrow?

What if we could eliminate our economic crisis tomorrow and we could instantly raise the world’s standard of living by 100 fold.  I know, you think I have finally gone over the cliff.  Well if I have, then I am in the company of a growing number of scientists and engineers.

What if we had free unlimited availability of energy.  No transmission lines, no meters, just you tapping as much energy as you want and delivered in any wattage, voltage, and amperage you desired.  Sounds really fantastic doesn’t it? Well, what if I said there is evidence that just such a source of energy has been understood and available since 1902!

I started researching this topic about six months ago and quite frankly thought I would run into the usual Tesla myths and a lot of theoretical material, but nothing of any substance.  Six months later and I must tell you there is a helluva of lot of smoke!

Just so we are clear here, I am NOT talking about new and improved solar power, or hydrogen power, or wind technology.  The following summaries of technologies that I AM talking about in this article.

1. Transitional technologies. These are devices or processes that enable existing energy sources to be much more efficient, reduce pollution or clean up existing environmental hazards. For example, add-on devices to retrofit cars and trucks with a technology that significantly increases fuel economy.

2. Electromagnetic energy devices that are overunity. These include generators, solid-state devices and magnetic plasma devices that perturb the zero point energy field (or quantum vacuum flux field) to tap electromagnetic energy and create usable power, without a net external fuel source or pollution.

3. Advanced propulsion systems that use electromagnetic fields to alter the mass and space around an object to allow for lift and drive. These “electrogravitic” systems will enable travel to be pollution free, rapid and without the use of fossil fuels of any type or use of surface roads.

17 years of research by Dr. Greer, Dr. Loder and other members of The Orion Project, who have been studying energy generation and propulsion technologies have identified a number of new energy technologies that within 6 months to several years, given proper funding, may be ready for marketing. A number of these technologies were presented at a briefing for the US Senate EPW in 2001 at the request of the Chair of the EPW, Senator Bob Smith (R-NH) (Loder, 2001).

In Ocotober of 2009, the Orion Project wrote a briefing that was submitted to President Obama.  The full text of that report can be found here, theorionproject.org.

If there are working technologies out there, why haven’t they been brought forward.  The answer to that question can be traced all the way back to Tesla for sure.  As the story goes, Tesla sought financial support for just such a device from John D. Rockefeller.  After Rockefeller saw Tesla demonstration, he said, “where do I put the meter?.”

According to the Orion Project, there are a number of ways these technologies are being suppressed. For example:

Acquisition of the technology by ‘front’ companies whose intent has been to ‘shelve’ the invention and prevent the device from coming to market.

Denial of patents and intellectual property protection by systematic action by the US and other patent offices.

Seizure or suppression of the technology by the illegal application of section 181 of the US Patent law or other illegal applications of national security provisions that result in the technology being classified or deemed “of significance to the national security”. Note that these applications are illegal actions taken by rogue, unsupervised individuals and entities who are working in collusion with interests to suppress these technologies.

Abuses by other regulatory or licensing entities, including but not limited to rogue elements within the Department of Defense, CIA, NSA, Federal Trade Commission, Department of Energy and others.

Targeting the inventor or company with financial scams, illegal financial arrangements that lead to the demise of the company, and similar traps.

Systematic interception of funds and essential financial support needed to develop and commercialize such fundamental new energy sources.

A pattern of harassment, bomb threats, theft and other shadowy actions that frighten, intimidate and demoralize those inventing, holding or developing such technologies; significant bodily harm and murder have also apparently occurred.

Inducements through significant financial buyouts, offers of positions of power and prestige and other benefits to the owner of such technologies to secure their cooperation in suppressing such technologies.

Scientific establishment prejudice and rejection of the technology in light of unconventional electromagnetic effects thought to be not possible by current scientific conventional wisdom.

Corruption of scientific entities and leaders through clandestine liaisons with rogue classified or shadowy private projects that intend to suppress such devices.

Corruption of major media entities and key figures through clandestine liaisons with rogue classified or private shadowy projects that intend to suppress such devices.

My research seemed to confirm that there were a lot of “mysterious events” including freak accidents and loss of life involving scientists and engineers working on the basic science and technologies related to the types of energy we have been discussing.  Nearly 125 such incidents have occurred in the last five years.  I also found evidence that these technologies are discussed openly and as a given in places like NASA and DOE.

I think we can understand how suppression of such technologies may happen, given big oil and the fact that the entire world’s economy is based on fossil fuels.  However, given global warming, tension in the Middle East, collapsing world economies, and expanding world poverty, hunger, and disease we can no longer afford such “privilege”.

What Dr. Greer and his colleagues are asking of the President seems very reasonable to me.  Basically they asked the President to take the following actions:

In addition to the science and engineering aspects of developing these technologies, there will need to be active development of commensurate policies and strategies in the following areas:

• Application of these technologies in the developing world and the granting of such technologies to abate widespread poverty and environmental decay in those regions;

• Understanding the financial, economic and industrial implications of these technologies and determining how to best transition from a carbon-based industrial society to a clean, so called ‘free energy’ society, with minimal disruption;

• Determination of the national security and international security implications of these technologies and how to best empower existing governmental and international institutions to ensure a smooth transition to a new economy and geopolitical order;

• Development of higher order applications of these technologies such as combining new energy generators with advanced desalination processes for fresh water production;

• Determination of the long-term social, cultural, and geopolitical implications of these technologies as they help eliminate poverty, empower economies at the local/village level, and alter the zero-sum game of limited resources such as fossil fuels;

• Determination of medical, telecommunications and space travel applications of these technologies;

• Determination of methods to avoid and if necessary, contain the weaponization of such energy and propulsion technologies;

• Determination of the implications of these technologies for social justice, peace and the creation of a long-term sustainable civilization on Earth, among others.

It seems also apparent to me that even if there was only a slim hope that these technologies can deliver what is claimed and in some cases, well documented and demonstrated, then we absolutely must direct our collective resources to develop the applicable technologies.  I present this information for you to consider, and if you come to the same conclusions I did, we need to inform our representatives to act on this hopeful potential.  Given the state of the world it is simply immoral to do otherwise.  What if?


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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