Why I Do What I Do and You Read It

Ark is a participant in the Cassiopaean Experiment.  He is a physicist, a very bright mathematician and a man who thinks things through very thoroughly and thoughtfully.  You can find more on the Cassiopaean Experiment here:  http://www.cassiopaea.org/cass/

Ark kinda lays things out very well, and it resonates so strongly with me, I have borrowed some of his thoughts, paraphrased them a bit to lay out for you some things to think about.  It is essentially the theme of this blog.  The reason I write as often as I can here.  I just wanted to share it with my readers as I sense it will resonate with you as well and might even stimulate and invigorate you.

Most of what I write about currently is not light, has serious implications and can be a bit overwhelming at times.  Given that, it is also necessary knowledge to impart, especially to those who are in the process of waking up.

While what I write are the facts, it does clearly suppose the outcome or rarely imparts the most important message.  The message is that we all have the power to affect the outcome. Each in their own way and although it may seem insignificant to us, it is important. Therefore, we must all do what we can do, even if it is not actions, but just thoughts.

This is a bird’s eye view and it will be from a distance when details are unimportant.  So I will pick up SOME themes that seem to me important.  There will be several of these themes and they will be discussed separately.

I take it as a hypothesis which perhaps is true and perhaps not, but I take it to be true unless proven otherwise: that for you and for me nothing happens by mere accident.  All that happens has a meaning and purpose.  It is hard work for us to find out what is this purpose exactly and to an extent we are also the creators of this purpose.

Thus it is not an accident that you are who you are.  It is not an accident that I am who I am.  It is not an accident that we have had our lives the way we had.  It could be little bit different, or it is a little bit different in some parallel realities, but we are now concerned about our reality, our present and our future.

Thus every book that you ever read was not an accident and every conversation that you ever had; even those silly books and conversations were lessons.  The same as with me.  We are searching for something and it is clear that we will never find it in this lifetime while alone.

Anyhow we have found each other and there is purpose in that.  I take it as possible that you/me -we are connected to the Creator and are distant parts of it so that we are His/Her tools and we are responsible for something, this something being the whole universe and its fate.

This is not a crazy idea.  It can be explained in completely plain terms.  You/me – we can discover something, a formula or an idea that will change the future development of humanity – even if a little, it will magnify after years and years so that world will be “saved” by it.  This is what we learn from the concepts of chaotic mechanics.  There are systems, if sufficiently complex, such that a little change now leads to a dramatic change after a time.

Now the universe is not only a complex system but also it has intelligence in it.  It may well be that an “intelligent” change that we do now will change completely the fate of the universe.  Instead of dying a thermal death it will flourish forever….

My whole life I have lived with this feeling of responsibility.  It was a recurring theme in my blog. If we accept the hypothesis that nothing happens to US by chance then there is a purpose in this feeling too.

So we you/me are responsible.  We accept it.  That is clear.  Now, we know we have “all the keys”, everybody has the keys.  But in too many these keys are broken, destroyed, desynchronized, detuned and hard or impossible to make them work.  We do not know how many people there are on this earth who have keys and how many of them are already using these keys or assisting other people in using them.  And for a while it does not matter.  All is lesson – we accept it – and we have our homework.  Neither you nor me have a wish “to be told”.

So we have the keys and we were brought together.  If nothing with us happens accidentally, then the fact that you are interested in what you are interested is also not an accident. So what can be a purpose of all that?

A purpose can be that the KNOWLEDGE is not just math and equations but it is also intelligence and consciousness and mind and idea.  Because equations DO NOTHING alone.  There are many that perhaps followed the path of technology and are working underground doing “great physics” or “great math”.  But this is not what we are about.  We do not want to sell our souls like Faustus.  We do not serve the darkness.

Therefore we need knowledge.  And the more knowledge we have the more protected we are.  This point is again easily understood in plain terms.  We clearly are not after power.  Neither do we want to take power FROM somebody. Our goal is all different.  We have our personal mission to fulfill: External dark forces being dispersed by multiplicity of our frequencies – so to say.

Because it is all knowledge, pieces of knowledge from here and there.  We are not going use or try to use this knowledge.  But somehow it is necessary for us to know this so as to find out the best possible use of this knowledge.

I think this IS true that the only limits that we find are those imposed by our own minds and thinking habits.  Thus we must be more and more bold in our thinking.  On the other hand we need always to go step by step.  Otherwise there is danger.

Is the life sufficiently long?  We take it as a working hypothesis that yes, it is.  Because it depends only on us how long it is going to be.  There is a great work that is in front of us and this work includes rethinking and rearranging our entire structure of everything.  We have something different in our minds because we are service-men here for the Creator, to whom we return.

When one is on a quest for true learning and higher knowledge, there are no “missing points,” only those not yet discovered!  “If one has the will of a Lion, one does not have the fate of a mouse!”


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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