Let’s Debate the Real Issues

We have watched large corporate interest usurp our government.  We have watched our congress break down to partisan and corporate interest.  We have watched our economy collapsing, and we are butt depth in world conflicts, and neck-deep in debt.  Our educational system is crumbling, our health care delivery systems is third world, and our incomes are shrinking at alarming rates.  What the current politicians are discussing is displacing one party for the next.  I honestly do not see any difference between beltway politicians, Republican or Democrat.  They are all bought and paid for harlots.

We literally are on the verge of losing our democracy to a privileged oligarchy that will continue amassing wealth, and subjugating the rest of us to economic bondage.  These are the issues we should be looking at and not the smoke, mirrors, and BS coming to us through MSM.  This is not the first time our good republic has been assaulted in this manner.  I have talked often about the rhythms of history.  Leading up to D1 was the same collection of characters and actions.  It should surprise no one that the Players of that attempt to capture our representative form of government had names like Morgan, Chase, or Rockefeller.  The game was the same and the plan to capture the flag were the same. President Roosevelt demonstrated the courage and took the actions to break up the “game” by breaking the big banks and financial institutions of the time so they could not continue to control and manipulate the playing field.  These actions restored the opportunity for everyone to have a chance in the game.

It is this simple, if a bank or privately held institution is “too big to fail” it is too big to exist.  It is a danger to our national security more so than any “terrorist” group. Period. The current proposed “financial” regulations are a joke and could quite possibly make things much worse.  George Ure over at www.urbansurvial.com says it best.

Channeling Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt, MIT Sloan School of Management Professor Simon Johnson warns in a book being released today that a “new financial oligarchy” threatens not only the nation’s economy, but its political core. In 13 Bankers: The Wall Street Takeover and the Next Financial Meltdown (Pantheon), Johnson, a professor of entrepreneurship and management, says the book provides “the back story” for the 2008 financial crisis “and for all the issues being raised now around financial reform. We hope the book helps people have a badly needed conversation about what we must do to push back against dangerous, narrow interest groups that now threaten our economic well-being.”

“That thought should frighten us into action.” In 13 Bankers, Johnson, a former chief economist for the International Monetary Fund, and co-author James Kwak cite historical precedents and offer financial analysis to conclude that a second financial shock is inevitable unless the financial and political stranglehold held on Washington by the nation’s biggest banks is broken. “The best defense against a massive financial crisis is a popular consensus that too big to fail is too big to exist,” the authors write. “This is at its heart a question of politics, not of economics or of regulatory technicalities.”

The book points out that the current concentration of financial and political power is not unlike other moments in American history. President Theodore Roosevelt, for example, challenged the monopoly powers of banker and industrialist J.P. Morgan. “No one thought he could win,” Johnson says in an interview, “but he did succeed in the first prosecution of a corporation under the Sherman Antitrust Act.” Roosevelt, he said, began a process that helped people understand the need to reign in the power of corporate giants, such as John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, “which was arguably more important as a single company in 1910 than J.P. Morgan was then or J.P. Morgan Chase is now,” says Johnson.

Similar leadership is needed from the Obama administration and Congress now, according to 13 Bankers, which concludes that regulatory changes and other responses to date have been vastly inadequate. Johnson supports the administration’s proposed consumer protection measures, but overall, “You can’t just tweak a few rules and expect to rein in these big institutions.” Instead, the book calls for the six biggest banks to be broken up and for hard limits to be imposed so that banks cannot rebuild themselves into political and financial powerhouses. “Saying that we cannot break up our largest banks is saying that our economic futures depend on these six companies,” notes 13 Bankers. “That thought should frighten us into action.”

What we need right now is to not let this situation deteriorate in some “false flag” revolution movement, which would only play into the hands of the people who think they now have control.  This would only allow them to put into place the paramilitary police force they have invested so heavily in to control us even further.  If you are a member of militia or similar organizations, I want you to think hard about fighting against a new world order or Anti-Christ and understand you will  only facilitate the very thing you fear.  Simply put you are out-gunned and out financed.  You will only validate the need for draconian control of us all and take away the final freedom we have.  That is the freedom to go to the ballot box and throw these bums out.

What we need now is to really send a message in this upcoming mid-term election that this isn’t about Republicans versus Democrats, Liberals versus Conservatives, Socialist versus Facists, this is about tearing down an oligarchy.  We should be forming the American Party.  A party whose platform is based on restoring opportunity to all Americans. A party who will eliminate the need and opportunity for money to control the elective process by adopting a publicly financed  campaign law.  A party  that will legislate real banking reform and trading reforms by breaking up the big banks while we still own them and eliminating derivatives and other sleazy financial instruments that bet on things going down. A party that will insure that big pharma and corporate medical delivery systems are subject to rate and profit controls like any other vital utility in our society.  In each of the next three or four elections we could undo a lot of damage.  It starts with that kind of resolve.  It is followed through by vigorous prosecution of criminals, and ends when we all believe again and have restored our constitutional rights.  These are the issues and this is our challenge.  I welcome any dialogue on these real issues.  Anyone?


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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