A Follow-up on the Really Heavy Stuff

In July of last year I did a three-part series of articles on some of the really heavy stuff  that may be potentially heading our way.  I must make a confession to my readers that I am in possession of a lot of information from a number of reliable sources and quite frankly it is both very dire and in the same time almost unbelievable in the context of what is going on.  I have also previously mentioned that there maybe 6,000 or so individuals in the world who “know” it all.  BTW, I am not one of them.  I am more in the category of the 300,000 or so who “know” most of it.  This knowledge is being so protected and compartmentalized that even the last two presidents, although briefed on the issues, have been told they don’t have a clearance or a “need to know” it all.  I have also spoke in the past about the two camps within this community of “knowers”.  The Black Group who believe it is not necessary to inform the public in general because there is not much that can be done to alter the coming events and such disclosure would create breakdowns of societies and institutions.  In fact, I believe they also have ulterior motives where they envision themselves as emerging on the other end of these events in charge of the world.  The White Group, of which I am aligned, believe that everyone has a right to know so they can prepare however they are able to endure the coming events.

I could disclose and focus a number of issues, but quite frankly, there is already too much of that floating the internet and is easily discredited because of the fantastic nature of the information.  It is easy to be discredited as a “doomsdayer” or a “2012 freak”.  Further, those who do take the time and effort to really research the information that is available in the public domain are already awake.  It is my goal to awaken those who are still oblivious to the coming events and to do so in a timely manner.  There is no need to panic and there is no need to over react to the situation, but it is now time to get serious about formulating plans to survive as these events are now unfolding.  So today, I will present some materials for your consideration.  I will present facts and provide credible evidence, but even in the face of what I present I encourage you as the reader not to take anything I present at face value.  It is extremely important that you seek the truth for yourself, and based on your own individual efforts.  the reason for this is related to our collective consciousness.  It affects the outcome.  How we all feel and how we all collectively exert our free will alter the events in the future as they unfold.  This is really an important element to understand in the whole process.

Ok, lets look at some facts.  In the popular information floating on the internet, and as depicted in movies like 2012, there will be massive earthquakes and natural disasters.  It is represented that this is will happen all at once.  Not true, there is a slow building to final event, which is a sudden pole shift at the core of our planet.  This shift will occur because of a convergence of events which include our passing through the center of the galactic plane and the passing of a large planet size body that is approaching us as I write this.  The events have already started in earnest.  The USGS and NASA are complicit in withholding and doctoring information, but the events are becoming so dramatic that even they are having a hard time remaining credible in their attempts to hide, distort and doctor the events.

Let’s understand first, a bit of the dynamics of what these events have on our planet.  The main causative elements of these events is a distortion of our earth’s magnetic field and the gravitational forces being exerted on the planet in an increasing manner.  The number and severity of earthquakes is now plainly evident to us all, but here is an official USGS graph to illustrate this point.

Recently, it has gotten so that the USGS tends to downplay magnitudes ratings to hide this alarming trend, but they are quickly losing their credibility.  To illustrate my point, one only has to monitor the daily reporting activities at the USGS site here.  http://earthquake.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/ Then go back a month later and research the same data as historical archived data to understand the game that is being played.  Sad really that good scientists would comprise their integrity in such a manner.

Secondly, there also has been a dramatic increase in volcanic activity, both in frequency and numbers of volcanoes coming alive.  George Ure over at http://urbansurvival.com/ has compiled this chart:

Finally, The approaching planetary body is showing up in images from the Solar Observation satellites and NASA, who have doctored the images since 2003, can’t seem to keep up with the images that are getting out to those who are watching.  Below is a series of official images that were later airbrushed, but these are the original undoctored official images that have managed to escape the editing.  You can be the judge.



So, I hope this puts things into a clearer perspective for everyone who might come across my meager site.  these events are real.  These events are documented by the most credible institutions, even though they are trying to downplay these dramatic events, and these events are not being covered in any credible or serious way by MSM.  We must all become aware of these events and demand full and complete disclosure.  On a more personal basis, I would recommend that everyone consider seriously now what I have been advocating as theme to this effort of mine.  It is time to understand these events as individuals.  It is time to educate yourself and your families in a serious way.  It is time to make preparations to survive.  On the political and social front, it is time to raise a level of awareness and demand that our governments, not just the US, but all governments come clean and tell us what they know.  Everyone who is convinced of the information I have presented should confront their congressmen or women and our senators to dig into to this and report to us what they know.  It is just time!


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

2 thoughts on “A Follow-up on the Really Heavy Stuff”

    1. Margaret- sorry for the delay in response, but many questions these days. We are entering a period of increased solar activity and increased volcanic activity. They are linked, but not like most people think. Solar flares and CMEs send many forms of energy our way. This energy is absorbed by the earth and more specifically by the earth’s core. When this occurs, as it is now, this absorption of energy creates an expansion process that is reflect by the tectonic plates expanding.

      However, that expansion is not uniform. So it occurs in “fits” and “starts”. Further, as the pressure builds on some plates, instead of uniformly releasing the energy, the plates can “lock” in place and build even more pressure. When the “lock” is finally broken the movement can be large and sudden. Such is the case in the most recent 6+ magnitude quakes we have seen in recent weeks.

      If you look at the USGS site you can easily see what I am explaining. The concern I have currently relates to California, Oregon, and the Washington coast. The plates do seem locked from Mexico to BC. Be on the watch for a major quake in this region within the next 90 days.

      Hope this helps you understand and begin monitoring these issues more efficiently.

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