Update on OMG TV and Other Events

As I have previously written, 2010 is going to be the year of OMG TV.  That means that when you watch the news and breaking news you will utter the words OMG.  so let see how we are doing so far.  Haiti, now three weeks later, definitely fits into the category.  The death toll is over 220,000 and will probably rise to 350,000 when all is said and done.  This will probably be viewed as one of the worst earthquake disasters of all time.  To put things in perspective here, the largest quake ever recorded was a 9.5 quake in Chile on May 22, 1960.  That quake killed 1,655 people as it was in a remote area.  In 1556 in Shaanxi China an 8.0 quake killed over 833,000 people and will probably remain the deadliest quake in recorded history.  A quake of 7.5 struck Tangshan China on July 27,1976 and killed 255,000 people, so Haiti will probably be viewed as the second most deadly quake in recorded history.  That certainly qualifies it as an OMG event for January.

Another event that did not make mainstream media was announcement out of China that they will introduce the first commercially available “over-unity” electrical “battery charger” in the range of 2 KW.  The idea is a machine that can be designed and constructed in such a way that, once started, it will do work indefinitely without requiring any further input of energy (motive power). Such a device would contradict at least one of the two laws of thermodynamics that state that (1) energy can neither be created nor destroyed (the law of conservation of energy) and (2) heat cannot by itself flow from a cooler to a hotter object. As a result, all practical (real) machines require a continuous supply of energy, and no heat engine is able to convert all the heat into useful work.  Further India announced it will also introduce commercially a device in the 10 KW range.  I have spoken in the past about “Zero Point Energy” devices that have been withheld from us and it now seems that this technology is going to be released over the objections of the PTB and is also very much entwined in the disclosure elements we have been discussing.  I want you think just a moment about this and its significance.  We are talking about machines that generate MORE electricity than is input into the device.  In otherwords, free energy!  That certainly qualifies as an OMG event.  It will be interesting to see how the community of scientists and physicists who have been pooh poohing these inventors will react to these events.  That in and of itself will be an OMG event! LOL.

Now it is early February and we are watching the eastern seaboard getting slammed with the worst winter storm on record and to add to the woes of the people there, the store shelves are empty, power is out in most of the region and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a second storm looks like it is bearing down on them by the end of this week that could be as bad as this event; and this event was the worst storm in recorded history!  This is the type of event that fully illustrates the need to be prepared to survive for a month or more on your own without anyone’s assistance.  I have family in the DC area and they were not prepared.  I spoke with them earlier today and they are huddled in their home, without heat, and very little food.  They, like others, made a last ditch effort to buy in supplies, but by the time they got to the stores, the shelves were bare and they could only buy 1 turkey!  My daughter, who BTW thought I was a bit nutso for all of my planning and laying in supplies and money, lamented she was so sorry she wasn’t closer to us because they know now they could gather at our place because we have everything we need for an extended period of time.  The reality here is when things like this happen, there is no escape, no retreat, once the event happens.  This storm certainly qualifies as an OMG event for February.  I am a bit worried for my family, especially if this second storm hits.  It is one thing to go without food heat and power for a few days, but it really serious if this extends to two or three weeks.  The area would take months to recover from a double barreled event.  As I have cautioned my readers on many occasions, take stock of where you are in terms of food, shelter, heat, etc.  Have a plan to gather together and survive.  It really doesn’t take much effort or money, it just takes the will to get it done.  This event I am sure will serve as a wake up call to many people.  do you hear the alarm clock ringing?

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