MSM, Programming of the Masses, and Other Head Games

The lack of truthful information in MSM is really just in your face now.  I think it is time for all of us to really understand a few basics of controlling masses.  There are some very powerful forces at work here and none of it is for your benefit.  A good example is the fact that NONE of the big three news outlets has reported a single word on how climatologists may have been “cooking the books” on the global warming data.  It is just prior to the Copenhagen Conference and it is probably the biggest story in the world and NOT ONE major media outlet is reporting the story!  This is a very good example of why I am not paranoid, an alarmist, or a conspiracy theory nut.  I try always to work in facts, verifiable truths, and with that uncover agendas that may otherwise remain hidden from view for whatever reason.

Another story not being told and the data is being manipulated is the real truth about the alarming rate of earthquakes greater than 5.0.  The USGS is manipulating the data to downplay this alarming trend.  I monitor the site daily and then compare the data with similar data from all over the world.  The USGS is doing two things with the data that is very disturbing to me as a scientist.  First, they are downplaying the initial magnitudes, not significantly, but by tenths in the scale to artificially report less quakes greater than 6.0 quakes.  Then after the events fall on the radar, there is a dramatic downgrading so that people looking for trends are completely misled, if they do historical research in the public databases.  Why?  I am saddened at the lack of scientific integrity in these esteemed organizations like NASA or the USGS.  I will openly ask the scientists, geologists, and engineers who work there, “where is your personal professional integrity?”

What is so important or what is the truth that is so bad that we are not being told.  It obviously is the story of the millenium and the cover-up is massive.  MSM, renowned scientific bodies and institutions, and yes even the main religious leaders seem to be participating.  Further, this isn’t even US-based, but involves multiple major government bodies worldwide.  How is this effectively being perpetrated and managed?

Today I am going to focus on the “how they do it”.  To understand that you have to go back to the early fifties and look at how governments started to work in areas such as ESP, remote viewing, biological and chemical weapons, etc.  This was the beginning of the so-called invisible war.  The Nazis during WWII had really gone way out there experimenting on Jewish prisoners in a number of areas.  This has been well documented and is part of the public record.  After the war, these same German scientists were expatriated by the US and the Soviets.  Under the auspices of the CIA and the KGB, the area of mind control was refined.  Mind control projects like Paperclip, Bluebird, Artichoke, MKULTRA, Midnite Climax, just to name a few, were conducted.  The results of these projects refined the methodologies of mind control.  Techniques like sexual manipulation, drugs, hypnosis, sleep deprivation, sensory overload,and behavioural modifications were brought to new levels of effectiveness.  We saw a brief glimpse of them emerging from Gitmo and Abu Gharib.

These techniques are not just being used on “enemies”, but world leaders and the population as a whole.  They are subtle and difficult to detect when applied to masses, but if you dissect the last two elections in the US for example, and you have a basic understanding of how these techniques are applied, the signs are very clear.  I believe it is time for all of us to begin to understand these mechanisms and how they are being applied to all of us right now.  There are ways to counter these measures and remain “free thinkers”.  Walter Bowart wrote the definitive book called Operation Mind Control.  It really is worth the read.

Finally, a very useful guide on how we as ordinary citizens can counter these activities has been formulated by James Martinez, who teaches these realities and counter techniques to a number of very prestigious clients.  The fact he has such an impressive client list is a statement in and of itself to the validity of what I am asserting in this article.  In principle, he offers the following as general guidelines for all of us to consider and practice:

Mind Styles

  • Every human being is endowed with a uniquely proportioned set of mental qualities for interacting with the world.
  • These endowments manifest as specific behaviors, characteristics, mannerisms and products known collectively as style.
  • Our mental qualities cause us to be attracted to specific people, places, and things that are appropriate for us. They also cause us to reject and be rejected by inappropriate people, places, and things.
  • When we live in harmony with our endowments and environments, we live an authentic life style with a sense of rightness and fulfillment.
  • When we live in disharmony with our endowments and environments, we live a false life style with a sense of wrongness and emptiness.
  • Each of us is endowed with Free Will which continually prompts us to choose between harmony and disharmony in our lives.
  • When we deviate from our true nature, mental and physical discomforts and crises occur as warning signs and opportunities for us to restore balance in our lives.
  • “To be or not to be” true to our inherent nature is a question that no one can avoid.

So in essence, what I am trying to convey is WAKE UP, BE INFORMED, and above all, always do your OWN thinking.

Here’s Uncle Willie’s Thought For Today:


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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