2012 – Real, Hype, Woo Woo????????

We seemed to be deluged now in an ever-increasing manner about the approach of the mythical December 21st at exactly 11:11, 2012.  However, there is a number of theories and conspiracies  related to exactly what is going to happen at that time.  so, I thought I would make at least a feeble attempt to kind of organize my thoughts about the whole deal.  I mean, after all, 2012 is just around the corner.  Should I forget everything and party like its 1989 or should I prepare to survive, or should I just go on keeping on because it is all crap.

An interesting on going survey over at the survive2012.com reflects that 55.5% of us thinks nothing is going to happen. Ya know the Y2K crap yadda yadda.  16.1% of us think it will be the end of the world as we know it.  13.3% think it is an approaching spiritual awakening.  8.8% of us thinks the aliens are coming and finally 6.3% of us think it will be the biblical rapture.

So let’s look  at what we know as facts first.  The archeological record reveals that pre-Vedic, Vedic, Egyptian, Sumerian, Mayan, and Aboriginals all have written records relating to 2012.  The geological record reveals that there have been several life altering natural events in the past.  Pole shifts, volcanic actions, crustal shifts, and ice ages are clearly understood.

We are experiencing a very unusual shift in the weather.  The sun’s normal cycle of activity and inactivity is currently disrupted and I think we all sense that it seems that all of the institutions, and social norms we are accustomed to are being severely shaken and disrupted.  We also have been bombarded by a large electromagnetic pulse that came from outside our solar system(normally these only come from sun activity and until recently extra solar EMPs and GRBs were  thought not possible or likley to occur).  So given these facts, let us look at the most likely probabilities.

1).  Nothing extraordinary happens.  Action:  Do nothing, just live your life.

2). We are hit first by a large magnetic wave (EMP) from a nearby supernova or from the center of the galaxy as we cross the plane.  This is followed about a day later with a huge Gamma Ray Burst (GRB).  Action:  Use that last day after the lights go out to say goodbye to everyone you can.

3). Our sun comes back to life suddenly with a massive coronal mass ejection. Action: We will have a little warning and seeking underground shelter may shield you from the radiation, but life on the surface after the event will be very difficult.

4). We experience a sudden pole shift.  Action: take the necessary actions to survive the volcanoes, earthquakes, and subsequent likely nuclear winter.

5). We are hit by an unknown meteorite or space body. Action:  This really depends on the size of the object, but if we and our atmosphere survive the subsequent fireball, we can expect the same types of challenges as with 4 above.

I could lay out some less likely scenarios like a world war involving WMDs, Alien Attacks, Planet X impacts, but I feel there are enough KNOWN likely outcomes that I, at the end of the day, came to a simple conclusion. If I assume only one likelihood, specifically nothing is going to happen, I may be screwed.  Of the other not so pleasant outcomes, several may include me being a puff of vapor.  Nothing I can do about that.

What that leaves me with is that there are several scenarios where I survive, but I better be self sufficient for up to a year.  Here’s the focus. With a little effort and a small amount of expenditures, we can survive whatever is coming.  After all, humans have in fact apparently survived at least four similar events.  You might want to think about this for your situation.  You know……The Rule of the Six P’s. Prior proper planning prevents poor performance.  Anyway, here’s Uncle Willie’s thoughts for the day:

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