It’s Official! MSNBC has Declared Me Insane!

I am now officially declared insane and may need treatment.  If you don’t think MSM has an agenda, you need only to watch the clip From MSNBC’s  Chris Matthews show two days ago to have your mind changed.  Not only did Chris and his guests imply that anyone who doubted 9/11, or are suspicious, given the facts about the Bilderberger group are insane.  No, they went further to say that anybody who even doubted what the government was saying on any matter was suffering from psychological problems.  Well, you judge for yourself.  This from Alex Jones’ Prison Planet article of Tuesday 28 July 2009.

“During a discussion of the Obama birth certificate controversy, MSNBC host Chris Matthews and his guests implied that anyone who questions the official 9/11 story, thinks the Bilderberg group are exercising power to create a world government, people who are worried about gun control and immigration, or even people who are merely skeptical of government, are psychologically insane.

Essentially, Matthews and his guests are implying that anyone who doubts the government’s official 9/11 story, anyone who believes the Bilderberg group have influence or power, anyone concerned about gun control and open borders, and anyone who is just generally skeptical or doesn’t trust government, is on the fringes of society, is potentially psychologically insane and may need treatment.”

The full article can be read here, .

So it is official, I am insane and I no doubt need treatment.  I wonder who might provide such treatment?  HMMMMMM.  Could it be my governmint??? Misspelling is intentional.  As we move forward toward the fall and winter, the truth will be harder and harder to come by.  You know it is not this story or that story that is significant.  What is significant is when you start putting them all together on the table and you begin to realize how this whole control freak effort is rolling out piece by piece that you begin to question your sanity, that I will admit.  No wait.  Chris said that was being insane to think such a thing.  MA! Get me another Prozac willya.

There are, however, a few bothersome issues with Chris et al’s opinions.  Minor things like FACTS.  Then there is the issue that when today becomes yesterday, it is history.  History has a way of disclosing facts which were unattainable in the present.

I will therefore stand on my position that 9/11 was indeed a red flag operation.  I do so because of the facts as I personally know them from having response teams on the ground and the opinions of people I respect like Kurt Sonnenfeld who was the official videographer at Ground Zero for FEMA.

I will stand on the fact that Little Shrub planned the invasion of Iraq before taking office and when he had the opportunity he executed that plan without restraint.  I will go on record now saying that Iran will be attacked by October or November.  We will see if that becomes fact.

You see, because I feel that I am more informed than the average bear, I can boldly go where most do not.  I can think for myself.  I don’t need some shock jock or talking head telling me what I should think.  Granted it is not easy to ferret out the facts, truth, and “The Agenda”, but it is available to anyone who wishes to make the effort.  And as any other insane idiot, I feel we are really screwed!  No one is rooting more for me to be wrong than I am!

We will see where we are in relation to wars, banking holidays, mandatory vaccinations, martial law, dollar collapsing 30% or so by let’s say…… give me my first sanity test say in February.  If I am wrong about those events, then I will voluntarily submit to the white jacket with the sleeves that go all the way around to the back!

If this continues as I think it does, then we are going to have a miraculously advance in Health Care in this country…Mental Health that is, and brought to you by your federal government and the Department of Homeland Security.  It’s for our own good and the safety of the community right?


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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