In Spite of Wishful Thinking

For the last twenty years or so, I have been investigating and tracking all of the information I could find concerning the PTB, who they are, why they are doing what they are doing, how they control MSM.  At first, it was because I believed that most of this information was being perpetrated by people who were paranoid or as Buzz Aldrin said about people who were denying we went to the moon, “sick people who were desperately seeking their 15 minutes of fame”.

I set some stringent requirements for whether I accepted information as having some validity.  Similar information had to come from as least three separate sources.  All too often, especially on the websites or articles that are the most popular among conspiracy buffs, there is a single source of the information that appears on many sites.  I discount that information straight away.

The next thing I discovered early on in my quest for the truth was how much “disinformation” is being promoted.  But unlike single source information, the amount of disinformation on a topic may in fact indicate there is some truth someone is trying to distract you from and wants to muddle the information so the true elements are buried in a load of BS.  In these cases, I try to discover the source of the disinformation to ascertain their ties to PTB or Shadow Government activities.

These were the basic methods I have used the last ten or fifteen years and sticking to these principles have served me well in getting at least a semblance of the “truth”.  As the quest continued though certain realities started to unfold that were very disturbing.  Credible facts were in fact utterly incredible and in a lot of cases repugnant, as for example a plan to eliminate 3 billion people. When one faces a realization that they have no true idea of what is real and what is illusion when they think they are at least minimally intelligent, moderately well educated, and well informed, it does shake you to your core.

At first you want to retreat into denial, then hopelessness, and finally you begin to fear what you now irrevocably know.  Then however, you are at a state of really waking up and you once again begin to feel empowered because of your knowledge.  The fear is replaced with determination.  The denial is replaced with a desire to understand more clearly; and finally a determination is spawned to survive and inform others.  I say survive because in a number of cases, if you are determined to pose a real threat to the PTB, you will “disappear”.  There are literally hundreds of scientists, physicists, doctors, witnesses, and whistleblowers that are no longer with us.  They all met with unfortunate accidents, illnesses, or just plain disappeared.  One only has to understand the history of Stalin’s Russia, Hilter’s Germany, or South America to understand what I am saying is in fact true.  It is much less the truth today as the PTB have an absolute control of MSM, so therefore nutballs like me have a very limited ability to inform the masses as to what is up.  In the grand scheme of things I really pose no serious or credible threat to the PTB.  My goal is to simply, maybe, help a few people wake up and survive.  To me that’s just reward for the efforts like my research and this blog.

The PTB, however, are now also very blatant in their actions, as they have ascertained the general population could now awaken en masse and they will still have control.  Senator Ron Paul recently revealed the contents of closed senate hearings in Washington on his personal website.  What was so incredible was the very nature of the proceedings.  Well, you be the judge.

“Not only did members discuss new surveillance provisions as was the publicly stated reason for the closed door session, they also discussed: the imminent collapse of the U.S. economy to occur by September 2008, the imminent collapse of US federal government finances by February 2009, the possibility of Civil War inside the USA as a result of the collapse, advance round-ups of “insurgent U.S. citizens” likely to move against the government, the detention of those rounded-up at “REX 84” camps constructed throughout the USA, the possibility of retaliation against members of Congress for the  collapses, the location of “safe facilities” for members of Congress and their families to reside during expected massive civil unrest [that would result from] the necessary and unavoidable merger of the United States with Canada (for its natural resources) and with Mexico (for its cheap labor pool), the issuance of a new currency – THE AMERO – for all three nations as the proposed solution to the coming economic Armageddon.

George Ure from observed “Members of Congress were FORBIDDEN to reveal what was discussed. Several are so furious and concerned about the future of the country, they have begun leaking info.  Initially, these reports were passed over – OK, buried then – by the MSM, which we assume had also been brought to heel through various scare-tactics which instead of /reporting the news and risks/directly, sat on the story while the printing press kicked taxpayer money to the biggest of the banks, auto companies, and so forth.  As it turns out, that put what seems still to be coming on hold – but just for a while.”

I hope when you really digest the topics of that closed senate hearing just a little you will pause to ask yourself one question.  How much of what I believe is just wishful thinking.?


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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