Now for Some Really Heavy Stuff – Part One – Near Miss

So far my blog has focused on the more immediate issues we face.  The economic meltdown, MSM and its lack of ability and nerve to report the truth about the potential of hybrid H1N1 flu virus, and the outright theft being conducted by the beltway bandits and banksters.  In near future blogs we will also tackle the real story behind why we don’t have affordable healthcare.  However, if you saw Sicko by Michael Moore, he really did a great job of laying it out pretty well.

Today, though, I have to focus a bit on some of the potential things in the timeline that are really scary.  I have wrestled with myself, as have others, as to whether we ought to discuss these potential events at all.  Some of them present things like potential life extinguishing events that simply wipe the surface of the planet clean of all living things.  So, the argument goes, what’s the point of discussing them?  There is a certain logic to that line of thinking.  You know ignorance is bliss.

However, recent events and information has come into my sphere of consciousness that presents arguments for revelation.  Further, there seems to be indications in the timeline that point to favorable changes in the potential timelines.  We are talking here about the next 2-6 years.  These changes create a compelling reason to rethink the silence.  If in fact, we are not facing mass extinction, but instead mass causalities, this infers there will be millions of survivors.  Therefore am I, like so many others who “know”, compelled to inform as best we can?  Everyone should have the right to be informed and decide for themselves whether what we present is real and if so have the right to prepare for these events as best as possible.

So recently, like some schizophrenic (which hell I might be) I have argued with myself.  The compromise position I came too was to at least present some material for your consideration, not dwell on it, and move on staying focused in current events.  So here goes.  I don’t have that many readers anyway, so I won’t scare the hell out of a lot of people.  However, based on how the universe works, I may be writing this blog for only one key reader, who knows?

There is going to be a convergence of events, mostly natural in origin, that will occur in the next few years as best I know at the moment.

1). The so-called Planet X will make a very close “flyby” of the earth.   The PTB have known about this since at least the early fifties.  At that time, it was thought that one of the moons associated with this planet might even strike the earth.  This kicked off a massive black box program in the US and the then Soviet Union to build massive underground cities, where the chosen few would be wisked away to safety.  This program in the US has cost over $10 Trillion, yes Trillion, so far.  The fact that much effort went into this program says a lot of how sure these people were of the event occurring.  These facilities have been under construction since the early 50’s.  Today’s technology for creating these underground cities is Star Wars stuff.  Look up nuclear subterrene.  This is a massive tunneling machine that can bore at the rate of seven miles a day!  It uses massive power and creates a liquid lithium medium to absolutely pulverize the earthen waste and creates a glassified wall in the boring.  Here are some pics.




I’m not making this stuff up.  As far as I know now there are some 132 facilities completed in the US and Canada alone.  Supposedly they are connected by underground tunnels and are serviced by a type of maglev train system capable of supersonic speeds, but I have never been able to verify that fact.  They are located 1.5-4.5 miles underground and cities are 4-7 cubic miles in size.  Some say that in some areas the strange hum people hear coming from the ground is really those construction activities.

People have said that an effort this size requires a lot of people, surely someone would have spoken up by now.  That does seem very logical. A few people have actually, but consider this, if you were involved and were promised an admission ticket for you and your family for your silence, would you talk?

Recently, however, it seems that the people who have already taken up residence in these cities are dying from radiation exposure at a massive rate which seems to be associated with high levels of radiation emanating from the rocks and underground mineral strata that is under tremendous pressure. Also interestingly enough, there was a brief press release from NASA last week that said there seems to be a planet size object approaching the solar system from the back side of the sun, but they can’t seem to get a fix on its trajectory.  It is something I think we all should at least try to find out about. The more people ask, the more that will get into MSM.

The most probable reality is that there is a large planet size object headed our way and will pass close by.  The fallout from that event will be some pretty heavy debris hitting the earth, a possible pole shift, and some extensive earthquakes, and quite a few dormant volcanoes erupting from the interaction of the magnetic and gravitational fields of the earth and the object.  These events will probably last three to four weeks and the dust and debris could be raised in the atmosphere precipitating a “nuclear winter” like event that could last one to three years.  These certainly aren’t small things, but we could do well to survive them with some planning.

Tomorrow, Part Two – Now for Some Really Heavy Stuff- Passing Through the Galactic Plane


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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  1. I don’t like to instill words and viewpoint most of the time, but 1 you have just make me would like smile and say, go ahead keep me personally up to date with your thinking about, nice post by the way

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