Global Warming, Terrorists with WMDs, Economic Turnaround, and other BS

Today, we are being bombarded by MSM stories that are carefully crafted to appear like legitimate reporting concerning world events.  They are done in such a way as to convince us without questioning the “facts” that are presented.  Prominent experts and well known institutions are being quoted and we therefore believe the garbage that is being dumped on us.

We now have a clear historically accurate record of how the “Iraq has WMDs” was foisted on us and therein lies this working model of BS slinging.  Even an intelligent man like Colin Powell was duped on that one.  Here is a guy that was supposed to be on the very “inside” and information was withheld from him!

Now we are being fed the same crap on global warming, for example.  Being the paranoid nutball that I am and, oh by the way, an environmental scientist for 35 years by profession, my first question was why global warming?  What do the TPTB benefit from this rouse.  The answer is MONEY baby and breaking the backs of uncontrolled economic powerhouses such as China, India, and to a lesser degree Russia, the Eastern Baltic States, and Africa.  Even though the US has the largest carbon footprint per capita, these states have the worst uncontrolled pollution.

This worldwide regulation scheme would impose severe economic burdens on their expansion plans and keep the “boys” under control.  I have asked one simple question at several conferences on global warming and no one has ever even attempted to answer it.  It is a very simple question.  It sorta goes like this:  If man made activities are contributing to carbon loading into the atmosphere and this is the cause of global warming (and yes folks the planet is getting warmer at an alarming rate) why is the mean temperature on the moon and Mars rising at the same rate as on Earth?  This is a fact well known to NASA and if you dig hard enough, the data verifies the statement I just made.

You see that question absolutely deflates TPTB agenda.  My point is simple.  Global warming is a fact.  The impacts from this are as serious as has been estimated and maybe even worse.  These are facts, also.  However, instead of expending our limited resources on the fallacy that carbon loading is the cause, we should be spending those funds on helping people and businesses relocate away from rising seas, on creating ways for homes to survive severe weather changes, and on dealing with the impacts from droughts and food shortages.  NOT on carbon taxes, buying and selling carbon credits, and forcing industries to spend billions on control equipment.

The events that are now unfolding concerning Iran and WMDs is another example of this dangerous game that is being played.  The fact is that Iran is developing nuclear weapons capabilities, but they are at least ten years away from developing effective delivery systems.  But we are buying it and now the G8 basically put the final nail in the coffin to give Israel the “greenlight” to commence the attack in October by setting the deadline for Iran’s compliance with UN demands in September.  Just pay attention a little bit and you will see how it all unfolds.

If you have been watching the markets, you will see that I have been more right about its direction than most of the so-called financial experts.  The market is headed for a crash in late August or September(Dow may go as low as 4000) which is going to ripple through the economy like a shock wave.  Hey, I not that smart and I don’t have a crystal ball.  I just pay attention, dig a little, and read a lot.  My Grandfather was a First American of Lakota descent and he was the first to teach me about paying attention to the pulse of mother earth.  He put it this way.  When a weaver is weaving a blanket, he has a pattern in mind.  As he weaves, the pattern becomes apparent.  Therefore, the weaver knows what comes next in the pattern.  So it is with life.  Pay attention to the patterns and you will know what comes next.  In our current dilemma, don’t listen to the words, but look a little into the past few months, see the pattern, and then watch it unfold into the next few months of the future.  BTW DUCK!


Author: redhawk500

International business consultant, author, blogger, and student of life. After 35 years in business, trying to wake the world to a new reality. One of prosperity, abundance, and most importantly equal opportunity. it's time to redistribute wealth and power.

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